Joe the Butcher

An article ran last week in the Washington Post entitled “At the source of the shutdown, the economy falters — and anger at Barack Obama runs high.” You can read it here.

Rome was the unfortunate (in my opinion) backdrop for this story. It highlighted the owners of two of our local businesses (a butcher shop and a wholesale produce company) and the president of a local community bank. The businesses had suffered during the recession. The butcher shop had even closed its doors recently. Both placed the blame on Obama, his policies and Obamacare. The banker was brought into the story because, apparently, he had turned down loans to businesses — and he promptly stated “[Obama’s leadership] certainly hampers the ability to recover.” The butcher went even further in saying “I’m going to go hide for two years” until “he” — President Obama — is on his way out.

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$6 Upcycled Dog Bed

We needed a new dog bed. OK actually, the dog needed a new bed. Here is the sad “before” state.


Dog beds cost like $25-40. That’s just silly. It’s some fabric and stuffing. So, we got some supplies. A throw blanket from Wal Mart ($2.87). Iron-on seam tape ($3.97). And the best part – we had a couple of old study-buddy pillows that were ready for donation to the thrift store, where they would no-doubt sit endlessly waiting for one of the tens of people in the world who buy used pillows to stumble on them. Since everyone has some old pillows of some type lying around for stuffing, total cost for the dog bed: $6.00.

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Programming for Kids Meetup

1379773101884We had an awesome Programming for Kids Meetup at 7hills Makerspace on Saturday 9/20. We had about 20 kids, ages 8-14, and their parents in attendance. The kids were introduced to programming using Scratch. By the end of the class, there were crabs and witches flying all over the space!

We will invite all the kids back in about a month so they can share the games, animations, apps and other things they’ve programmed on their own. The kids will all get to vote on the best program, and we’ll share links to all of them here on the site.