To become a member of 7hills Makerspace, you need to get two existing members to “sponsor” or recommend you for membership. The way you do this is up to you, but the best way is probably to come to open meetings and events at the space (which you can keep track of on the site’s calendar), network with members at those events, make friends, offer to contribute something (even if it’s your time to conduct a training class or something), and make your case.

If you are accepted as a member, you will be expected to pay your dues, abide by the member agreement, contribute to the space, manage at least one active project, participate in knowledge sharing, and be nice.

As a full member, you’ll be given a key and will have 24×7 access to the space. Your sponsoring members will show you around, get you acclimating, introduce you to others and so on.

You’ll have to sign our standard waiver, which you can download here.

One more key issue. This isn’t the Supreme Court, and acceptance as a full member is not a lifetime appointment. If at any time, you flake out, go bonkers, embarrass 7hills, act mean or disrespectful to other members, steal, become too creepy, torture any lower life forms, don’t contribute back enough, or engage in various other forms of nasty behavior, full members can take a vote to whack you. If a majority votes to do so, you’ll be asked to “make yourself scarce.” Of course that’ll never happen, but we don’t want there to be any surprises if it does.

So, that’s all there is to it. If you’d like to get involved, feel free to reach out to introduce yourself. And be sure to attend open meetings at the space, every Thursday night from 6-9 -ish.

If you’re ready to apply for membership, you can go here.

2 thoughts on “Membership

    • At this point we are handling this on a case-by-case basis. At a minimum, we would want to discuss membership with a parent or guardian of any minor who wants to become a member. Of course we would also expect a parent or guardian to approve/sign the required membership agreement, waiver, etc. on behalf of the minor.

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