Announcing Student Maker Scholarship

GTA awards $25,000 grant to nurture young makers @7HMS.

We are so excited to share 7hills Makerspace (7HMS) will be launching a Student Maker Scholarship program to nurture ten young makers and two educators in high school or college grades.  Young Maker Scholars will receive a one-year lab membership to the space, and access to tools, supplies, and workshops. In addition, the grant will cover the development of training curriculum and equipment geared towards young makers, some of which will be open to the community.  This scholarship program is made possible by a $25,000 grant from Georgia Technology Authority’s Digital Georgia Program.

Co-founder Greg Richardson will be administering the grant and he’s partnered with members, Pablo Stewart-Harris and Christian Turner to build the initial program calendar over the next several weeks.  

We have decided to start with a focus on creative technologies with classes on lomography, 3D stereography, camera hacking, filmmaking, and more. As the year progresses, students’ interest will drive new programs and classes.

Interested students: Submit your application here. 

Up and Running: Shapeoko 2

The Shapeoko 2 arrived free of charge last spring: Thanks Inventables!  It has been mostly assembled and somewhat functional since fall.  Now the final tweaking has been done and it runs.  Here’s proof:

7HMS Rocks

In addition to laser cutting, extruding, and sawing; 7HMS (7Hills Makerspace) members can now enjoy milling materials.  The process starts by attaching material to the waste board. This can be done by using packing tape to tape down the work piece.


Next create your design in Easel (cloud-based CAM software, or you import an SVG file from inkscape or elsewhere Into Easel. Easel will walk you through all the steps to get your milling job started.  Once the Shapeoko is cutting away on your project, you can contain the dust using the Coroplast box.  When the milling is done, have the vacuum ready to suck up the dust and clean off your work.


As soon as the Creative Technology students hear the lecture on milling (next Monday), Berry’s Shapeoko 1 will join the Shapeoko 2 in the makerspace.  The work flows are the same.  The size of the Shapeoko 1 is just a little smaller.