Programming for Kids Meetup

1379773101884We had an awesome Programming for Kids Meetup at 7hills Makerspace on Saturday 9/20. We had about 20 kids, ages 8-14, and their parents in attendance. The kids were introduced to programming using Scratch. By the end of the class, there were crabs and witches flying all over the space!

We will invite all the kids back in about a month so they can share the games, animations, apps and other things they’ve programmed on their own. The kids will all get to vote on the best program, and we’ll share links to all of them here on the site.



Software Developer’s Group

The 7hills Makerspace is soliciting input and interest in creating a Rome area software developer’s group.  We would like to see all software geeks of every stripe, from embedded software engineers to home coders working on fun Arduino projects.

We are envisioning an open forum for anything even tangentially related to software development, including embedded systems, robotics, and physical computing in addition to application and web development.

If you write code, we want to hear from you!